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Bank of Ambazonia. The Bank of Ambazonia (BoAmba) is the central bank for the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Originally chartered in 1892 as part of the African Banking Corporation, it was not until 1952 when the British Order in Council passed legislation creating the Bank of British West Africa, Barclay’s Bank and the British French Bank that the Bank of British Southern Cameroons was borne. As the country’s central bank, it was responsible for maintaining monetary and financial stability, reinforced confidence in the national currency (pound sterling), and maintained a sound banking and an effective payment system.

Unfortunately, this central bank was destroyed after Southern Cameroons was colonized by La Republique du Cameroun.  Today, Southern Cameroonians have reconstituted the Bank of Ambazonia and its Board of Governors to begin financing strategic projects for the security and welfare of the Ambazonian people. The Bank of Ambazonia is an all-inclusive, autonomous, financial structure, with credible representatives from the 13 Ambazonian counties and other constituent components of the Ambazonian revolution.

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